Coaching Services


Is life calling? Are you feeling challenged to answer back? Let's partner together to build a map that gives us an aerial view of your story. What are your needs and values? Where can they find expression and expansion? Life coaching offers you a way to get a fresh perspective on personal challenges. At the same time, it is also a tool to enhance your decision-making skills, creating greater interpersonal effectiveness and increased confidence. This is about manifesting a life worth living.


Looking to change or improve your career direction? Need some support connecting to your inner-compass? Career coaching will focus on removing boundaries and digging deep to discover what you're looking to create through your career and your life's work. By taking a holistic approach and fine-tuning work-life balance, you'll gain the skills to identify and master not only work goals, but life goals as well.


The mind-body-heart connection is the key that gives us access to the highest version of ourselves. Wellness, too, is a delicate balancing act that tends to fluctuate. Perhaps you feel that the connection is off-balance? Or maybe you're looking to gain greater awareness and alignment around what you need to reestablish the connection? Whatever the question, wellness coaching will support you in unearthing the mind, body and heart that lay inside.