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Morning Electric


Paulina Schwietzer


good morning, Universe—

this morning, Saturday morning. we wake later — 6:45am. I am getting to know these early morning hours like old friends. each one a character. and in fact, I love it. knowing the early faces of the day. I opened my eyes this morning and saw the windows of the projects across from us covered in wet brick. Rain. lots of Rain last night, and this weekend. the light was dawn light — cloudy and scattered with a luminescence that gave the outside world, and our room, a dreamy feeling. and I woke up again, to life. yes, I am still here. we are still here. like waking up to a dream, indeed. life is but a dream…

I went to sleep last night contemplating the soul as a little sphere in the center of our bodies. ball of light—surrounded by layers of body, and mind-stories. even this: waking up every morning to journal. it’s a mind-story. something my soul witnesses as its life—but is just a layer that will one day be peeled away and forgotten.

I pictured Aviv’s soul-sphere laying next to mine in bed. also layered by body and mind-story. and I wonder—when the day or time or space comes when we shed all these layers—I wonder how our souls will recognize each other…do souls have a unique fingerprint too? or are we simply light? indistinguishable from the light of our creator? from each other?

that’s what I went to bed with. and it occurs to me now how important it is that while our spirits are here, that they practice developing the mind. the mind: the door-keeper to the way we see and experience life.

 I want a really good life. and it is clear to me that I am responsible for seeing + experiencing it that way.

Aviv said something to me yesterday while we were waiting for our very late Thai food order: <<just experience life.>> and it struck my soul like a tuning fork—those words. because I *think* so much, too much. and my mind comes between my soul touching + feeling + experiencing life in the way that only my heart and soul know how to do; with love and detachment and pure wonder.

life is a game, it seems. and we are all dealt cards to play with, and no matter how we play—what cards we choose to play or to pass on—we can make the choice to play with laughter, love, lightness. so much so that it really doesn’t matter what life situation or events happen…too much. if we experience them from a place of wonder, love, and detachment, then they must be good. they must be.

I know i’ve said this before. written this before. across many journals, and likely, across many lives…but i am being called to practice it. now more than ever. 

I want to live and experience and write from this ball of soul. I want to love and nurture the body + mind experience—but do so unattached to them. to see + live, not as an experience of survival, but rather,