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You have always been your first child.


Hi there, I’m Paulina — Mother, Coach, Writer.

Motherhood: I thought I was ready for anything. Turns out, there is nothing that can prepare a woman for her transformation into motherhood. The only way through is through.

I believe that we all go through this transformation in our own way — whether it takes place through our pregnancy, the moment our baby is born, or even months later.

For me, it happened the first week of Rain’s life. All the inner courage, strength, creativity and confidence I worked with love to create during the months of my pregnancy came tumbling down. I was reborn with him, and the Self I used to rely on had vanished.

Pregnancy + motherhood are transformative. Transformations, in all their pain and all their beauty, can be tough to make sense of — and they can take time. But you are not alone in this. You deserve to embody a pregnancy you call beautiful. You deserve the strength, courage, and confidence to transform into the mother and woman you want to be. All of that comes from within — but with the right partner, you can make that transformation conscious and nimble.

Coaching: I founded Heartmatter Coaching in 2016 after completing my ICF training with Leadership That Works. Since then, I have collected over 2,000 hours of coaching practice. After the birth of my son and my experience into motherhood, I decided to redirect my niche. This is the coaching I wish I had in Rain’s first few month’s of life. Someone to witness the light of my transformation. Someone to call it out and remind me to hold onto it in the dark moments. Someone to help me build my way forward. Someone to listen to my mind, my body, and most especially to my spirit and what she was trying to tell me amidst the moments of dark milk.

And that’s exactly it: milk is not meant to be dark. Pregnancy and the transformation to motherhood does not have to be all painful. You are powerful. You were born to do this. And I am building a coaching practice to help make sure you know that. This is the work of plotting an actionable way forward with a stronger connection to your intuition and body wisdom. A connection that only motherhood can bring. Let’s do it together.