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Heartmatter Coaching is a partnership. It is a deep connection that builds space, creativity, and action around topics of your choosing. By approaching your story with this unique energy and support system, you are guaranteed to unearth practical answers to the questions that brought you to coaching in the first place. With Paulina as your pillar of curiosity, support and empowerment, you'll gain a witness on the journey of realizing your life's greatest yearnings and achievements.

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Paulina has taught all of us so much! I mean it when I say I have a tangible goal of empathy in myself and in my family because of her.
— Katia Beauchamp, Birchbox Co-founder & CEO
My professional life is now at a whole different level because of this coaching relationship.
— Anne Biswak
This coaching work is courageous on all levels. If you don’t have the courage now, get ready. You are sure to embody it by the time the work is done.
— David Anthem
Being coached by Paulina meant being deeply understood, warmly held, and gently coached into alignment; translating my freshly found alignment into positive action.
— Ilana Goldman


About Paulina

Paulina Schwietzer is an Internationally Certified Professional Coach through Leadership that Works, an International Coach Federation accredited school. After spending 5 years in the New York start-up industry helping people manifest their goals at work, she realized that she wanted to expand her practice on a larger scale. Most recently, she also went through her own story of transformation after she and her husband decided to sell everything they owned to live a nomadic lifestyle and travel the world. While traveling is rewarding, watching her clients transform in the realms of life, career, and wellness continues to be the greatest highlight of her experience.